This is our Ultimate guide for the best online resources for startups and entrepreneurship. Here you will get to know about the following:

  1. Startup resources – Podcast
  2. Best Startup resources – Articles
  3. Startup resources – Blogs

Starting a business is not the easy task and you need to break your day and night to achieve your goals. It is even more hard to start doing something without having proper resources, tools, guide, and apps to do so. The startup founders, to accomplish their dreams need best online resources for startups and entrepreneurship to help them out to build a success story.

In this article, I am going to provide you with some of the most preferable and best online resources for startups and entrepreneurship. I am dividing this topic into 3 parts and that 3 parts are Podcasts, articles, and blogs. Let’s move on with each part in detail.

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Many resources are available online that are downloadable and can listen at any convenient time suitable for you. You are going to know about some of the best Podcasts that are available online.

Podcast by The Pitch

The Pitch is the best and regularly updated source of learning and motivation for the entrepreneurs. So many podcast episodes are already realized and you can go and check out all the podcast for free. You just need your favorite Podcast app and subscribe to listen.

As said by The Pitch, “In each episode, we take you behind closed doors to the critical moment when aspiring entrepreneurs put it all on the line. The Pitch delivers on the high-stakes promise of a live pitch without shying away from the nitty gritty details of what happens after everyone shakes hands and walks out of the room.”

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn and Investor at Greylock is one of the best Podcaster of the current time. With the series of episodes (22 Episodes in current), Master of Scale is the best for persons who want to start and build a high growth venture.

Each episode began with a story that builds you in the podcast completely. It at that point unfurls like an investigator story as he tests and turns the thought with the absolute most famous experts of scale on the planet, for example, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Evite’s Selina Tobaccowalla, Airbnb’s Brian Chesky, Crisis Text Line’s Nancy Lublin.

Traction: How Startups Start by NextView Ventures

Traction is also one and best online resources on startups and entrepreneurship. The traction is a show about all the inventive, sharp, irregular, and out and out splendid ways business visionaries scrap their approach to early outcomes. These are stories you don’t regularly hear in spite of being vital to each startup. Authors, startup executives, media individuals, and financial specialists are met, with an extraordinary turn and sound.

Rework by Basecamp

The rework podcast lets you know about better ways to work and run your business. Brought to you by Basecamp, these business methods are ones used internally at the company and preached for on Rework. This is the Episode 20 and visits rework for more episodes.


How to Start A Startup

I found Paulgraham’s article on How to Start A Startup as one of the best and detailed article to read. This article is covering all the tactics that are involved in starting a startup. I personally recommend you to go through this article to solve your each and every doubt when you are at the stage to start something innovative. Around 20 minutes of reading time will surely be going to help you out, this is my promise.

Read out this article here.

Top 10 reasons why startups fail and why we need to overcome them

This is our own written article and here we give the top 10 reasons behind the failure of your dream to become a successful entrepreneur. We also supported this reasons by letting you know why you need to overcome these reasons. This article is of around 2400 words which will let you know about each reason in detail.

By reading this you will be free from these 10 reasons for failure and may lead to a big hit in the market.

Direct link

From nothing to Something.How to Get There.

This is the topmost article to read that is published on TechCrunch which is written by the CEO of Honor Seth Sternberg. This article is about the decisions a young entrepreneur needs to make when he/she is first starting a business. You will be lead to from how to go from nothing – no connections, no team, no money and no knowledge of how the startup industry really works – to operating a growing business.

Read out this article from TechCrunch.

How to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive in a job

How to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive in a job, is an article published in Monster will be the best read for the one who is working for someone but wants to start something of his/her own. I said best because this read will let you know about how to manage job and entrepreneurial spirit at the same time. Because most of the people left their job without heaving proper startup layout plan and without knowing what will happen when the startup will fail.

Read it on Monster.

If I Launched a Startup

If I Launched a Startup by Startup Lawyer will let you know about what startup required. This 7-minute read will make you go through the various terms that you must be known and some of the process that is related to these terms while launching startups and entrepreneurship. You will be going to find out some of the never known terms that you need to know before you start.

Read it at Startup Lawyer.

13 Revenue Models

This is another article published on TechCrunch. Here TechCrunch let you know about the 13 most Revenue Models that are best suitable when you have a zeal to start something that too of your own. This is also the best online resources for startups and entrepreneurship

Read out all 13 Revenue Models here.



forEntrepreneurs by David Skok is the topmost blog for startup and entrepreneurs which is ranked 2nd in the Forbes list of top 100 websites for Entrepreneurs. Articles that are published in this blog are going to be super helpful for you. Here basic to advance articles are available to read and all articles are highly reliable.

As said by David Skok, It offers in-depth, tactical advice on key issues founders and their team face in getting started, getting funded and building a successful company.

I personally recommend you forEntrepreneurs as the best blog available as the best online resources for startups and entrepreneurship.


Other than the tech-related article, TechCrunch has sub-directory which is all about the startup. It is also one of the best blogs for Best online resources for startups and entrepreneurship. Here you will get to know about the recent funding rounds, the interview from top successful startup, startup story, news, guide and much more. Videos are also uploaded/embedded on the TechCrunch related to startup and entrepreneurs.

Albeit actually, TechCrunch does not center around private companies, its articles are more useful to independent ventures than to big business class organizations. TechCrunch is a most loved among online advertisers and tech organizations.

Quick Sprout

QuickSprout is controlled by Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. He is a multi-granted and prominent online influencer. This blog talks about normal issues experienced by new companies and their online nearness. The articles on QuickSprout are fascinating, intelligible, and exceptionally supportive of new companies, particularly with regards to getting adherents and changing over them into deals.

Startup Nation

Here the startup owners will get to know each thing from starting a business to managing the business. You will get to know more about the problems that you are going to face while starting your business. This blog will surely be going to help you out in establishing a dream business.

This is all about the Best online resources for startups and entrepreneurship – Podcast, Articles, and Blog. In the next article, you will be getting knowledge of some of the latest tools available. So please subscribe us and allow push notification to get the latest update.

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