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Using short codes for the mobile marketing campaign is the best way to start a two-way conversation by a business with their customers. This is essentially required today when everything needs to happen fast and in a more convenient way. Ideally, a two-way messaging process works well when you use either a shortcode or long form number. These codes enable the customers to respond and reply to the SMS messages sent by you.

According to various researches conducted it is unanimously found that most of the customers, 64% to be precise, want to engage with their favorite brands through a two-way conversation and short code messaging will enable you as well as your customer to do just that.

When you enable the SMS short code numbers, you will be able to receive replies from your customers to the messages sent by you. This will start a two-way conversation that will be more meaningful, result driven and help in building trust in your customers.

About short codes

To tell what these short codes are in just a few simple sentences it is enough to say that these are:

  • Short 5 or 6 digit numbers
  • Easy to memorize
  • Ideal for SMS marketing campaigns
  • Effective in lead generation
  • Useful to promote your business to your customers, employees and suppliers and
  • For sending and receiving text messages to even the simplest of mobile phones.

These features make the short codes the most popular item to use for business mobile marketing and promotion. Through SMS messaging using short codes that will allow your customers to opt-in, you can then send the coupons, competitions, promotional messages to them as well as to your potential leads.

About the benefits

As for the benefits of incorporating short code textingin mobile marketing campaigns for your business the list can be pretty long.

  • The greatest advantage of all is that the customers can remember the codes very easily. This means it will be very simple for them to reply to your messages.
  • It makes a great mobile marketing platform as these codes are ideal for sending messages at high-volume in a B2C environment.
  • If you use long numbers you will be able to send one message per second but using short codes will help you to send messages in bulk at a more consistent rate resulting in more output.  
  • Being the most potent customer appreciation and marketing tool, this type of mobile marketing campaign is time sensitive producing critical alerts on a real-time basis.
  • It enables the customers to opt-in for your services or promotion by sending a dedicated keyword to the short code send.
  • These text short codes are the perfect medium to enable a recipient to donate for your charitable cause to a dedicated or official website without any effort at all.
  • The short code texting method is the most popular method to generate more leads that will boost up your sales. Potential customers can get a quote for a loan or insurance as well using these codes.
  • These codes will enable you to invite your customers as well the potential customers to enter into the competition by providing their name and phone number. This will, in turn, help you to build up a larger customer database and also identify new leads.
  • Delivery confirmations and order tracking will be much easier when the customers simply send an SMS with the tracking number to the two-way messaging short code. You can provide the latest status of delivery in turn.
  • You can also get valuable customer feedback through SMS surveys using these short codes. It will be easy for the customers to rate your products or services by scoring them or replying with a simple YES or NO option. This will help you to know their satisfaction levels.

Since time is money, you can save it using these short codes as well with on time automated appointment reminders and confirmations which customers often forget or fail to cancel resulting in substantial losses.

The different options

Typically, you will have two specific options of short codes to choose from. These are registered by the national registry as follows:

  • Random and vanity dedicated short codes: Random short codes mean any number and vanity short codes involve specific numbers chosen by you. These numbers are dedicated and memorable. You will be the only person to use these numbers therefore enabling it to become synonymous with your brand. This will ensure more consistency as well as brand recognition. Purchasing a random short code means you will be assigned an available short code number while on the other hand a vanity short code will be chosen by you.
  • Shared short codes are offered with specific keywords and are more cost effective solution. These codes along with the specific keyword are registered but the number may be shared with other businesses but the keyword may be unique. The shared short codes are great for lead generations and competitions wherein the customers SMS the unique keyword to the shared number either to enter into a competition, request a quote, ask for more information about your products and services.

Restrictions and limitations

To apply for short codes, you will have to follow a few simple steps to use and enjoy the benefits of it. You will need a Click tell Platform account, log in to it and follow the instructions to apply. This platform is cloud-hosted, wizard-driven, and user-friendly that will make integration super easy.

Ideally, there are a few restrictions or limitations in using a short code but as these are country specific, it may not be useful if you want to send and receive messages to and from international customers unless you have short code in the country where the customers live.

In addition, to that, each territory or country may have its own rules, restrictions and regulations for this two-way messaging. Any non-compliance to these set rules may lead to non-delivery of the text messages. Therefore, it is better that you get familiarized with the terms and conditions that are applicable to the specific territories.

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