To build your SEO ranking organic traffic and have a higher rank in the search engines you will follow some of the best strategies in 2018. One such strategy is backlink strategy which is a very important part of online marketing. Over the years it has proved to be most effective and useful to improve website rank, traffic, reputation, engagement and even relationships.

Effectiveness of quality backlinks to your site is hard to ignore but there are a few changes made in the methods that you should also take into consideration. Incorporating backlink strategies into overall marketing strategy means sites that have high authority and are meaningful to your brand or persona.

It is much different to the old school practices and it is not effective to spam other sites with comments directly linking to your site. You will now need quality content and images to say something useful and valuable to earn your backlink.

Strategies to follow

Here are a few most sophisticated backlink strategies to follow and that can actually work to ensure a better SEO ranking.

Guest Blog:

For any larger site, writing guest blogs can help a lot in earning backlinks. Though this will take most of the time out of your schedule but the payout of this is probably the highest.

  • It will give you the opportunity to post your unique content on other sites. It will broaden the reach of your brand and drive more traffic to your website.
  • It will build site authority and through this backlink strategy you will be able to establish a long-term relationship with more authoritative and established brands and websites.
  • This will enable you to create more marketing opportunities using co-branded projects and more backlinks.

Overall, all these will create a better and bigger influence.

Consider a review:

If you are into selling a product then asking the bloggers for a review will make your outreach most effective. Make a list of bloggers who may be interested in a review by searching on the Google for relevant keywords to your product. Remember:

  • Your product must be 100% ready to be reviewed
  • To craft an email for your target list to send
  • To remaining as friendly and non-spam as possible
  • explain how you found the blogger
  • To introduce yourself and your product and
  • To offer something to the blogger for free

It will need some additional communication beyond your first email but this will help in building long-term relationship, adding posts and links back to your site, driving more site authority and visits.

You may also try offering your content as a resource to sites like get backlinks redirected or to search for link roundups.

Also try ‘Help a Reporter Out’ or ‘Answer Questions’ strategy through Yahoo!, Quora, Answers, or any social media sites. This will help you to be in a position of an expert but at the same time create opportunities to get the backlink.

Lastly, follow the traditional way of showing up in Directories to get backlink to build SEO organic traffic.

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Katie Peterson is an expert in client services and project management. She has a lot of experience in digital marketing expertise and has helped different sites such as and others in their SEO ranking services.

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