India has been developed so much since a decade from now.

The biggest changes we all can find are present in the cultural and technological development of the country.

The development is majorly in the aspect of technology. The one reason that’s majorly responsible for all this is the massive inclusion of smartphones in India.

All these apps and internet facility have completely changed the environment of the country.

One can easily find that by putting off their mobile phones for a minute and observe people around them.

But apart from all these, the major issues India had always faced is the poverty and the population.

These two issues raise hundreds of problem. Among them, some biggest problem India face is of unemployment.

Again the reason is poverty and obsolete system of education prevailing in the veins of the country.

“Many attempts” have been made although not mentioning but still it’s a problem that somehow a country with huge population face sooner or later.

The educated ones are more unemployed than uneducated ones.

At least uneducated ones are doing stuff like working in factories, farms, construction works, laboring, etc.

But the educated ones are left behind. The lack of skills creates the major problem in getting placed with the companies.

No company easily recruits them for fear of getting into extra losses and creating the burden for the company.

The alternative people are realizing this problem is to create more job opportunities rather than wishing to get placed in the Multi National Company.

But again the problem arise that we all neglect or don’t want to understand is that, when one person is doing something good, others also get themselves involved in hope of making great out of it.

That’s exactly happening around in the country right now.

One person wants to start his business or some startup others also want to do that.

There are people who actually want to work in jobs and live a happy and peaceful life rather than setting up a business themselves but no, everybody is involving in the “rat race”.

The people need to understand if one person is making jobs for 10 of such capable person then why not to get involved in such thing and get the first mover job benefit.

This mindset needs to be changed and we all have to become smarter and look problems more deeply, rather than doing some superficial talks, only then we can find a solution to it.

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