Life as Entrepreneurs is not that easy as you think of.  The most common challenge that we face is our need to be on top.

We as an Entrepreneur work day and night, face everyday challenges just to be different and top of everything.

We have to look upon every department and check it out that everything is going smoothly or not. We check that every project is going well, the website is working or not, build networking and keep in touch with our network.

One thing to look most that anybody unofficially not doing anything that may affect reputation and productivity.

And the solution for all these issues is giving a try to Top Tools for Entrepreneurs that will take some burden on you and let you focus on the task that you need to do.

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We already have written an article on Best Online Resources For Startups And Entrepreneurship and now we are moving from best resources to best tools for entrepreneurs and startups.


Zuant is a lead capture platform built for iOS that is configured to accommodate a wide range of lead capture requirements.

It will help you to bring your lead capture into the digital age and find new ways to improve efficiency and cut costs. The reason behind this is that designing and building a custom application can be expensive and time-consuming to you.

Some of the features of Zuant includes:

  1. Integrations – Push your leads to external systems such as Eloqua, Salesforce or any HTTP endpoint
  2. Scanning – Able to scan all 1D, 2D, QR codes, and NFC cards
  3. Works Offline – Designed to work even in offline mode, so no reliance on connectivity
  4. Live Reporting – Store data on the cloud and prepare a detailed report that can be export to PDF.
  5. Fast business card scan – Uses OCR technology to transcribe your business cards for you

The flexibility of the product has enabled us to capture better quality data at our tradeshows and better visibility into our ROI


Trello is a web-based project management tool that store strategies, plan, task, lists and keep track of them to complete your project in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

This project management software is best suitable for startup founders who can plan out all there task at a place and coordinate it with the team. He can know whatever to do and at what time he needs to do, so as to achieve his goals.

One can also sync all the task to team members by using this platform so he need not remind his team over and over again.

You can also customize available add-ons according to your need. Integrate as much as the add-on to come up with the additional solution you need.

So, trello is the perfect project management software that you need that also at free of cost excluding add-ons and one of the best tools for entrepreneurs.


Proofhub is another project management tool that integrates together your teams, clients and all the project communication stays in one place. There’s no need of investing in too many different tools to run your business.

This project management software makes it easy to create plans, collaborate with teams and clients, keep things organized and deliver projects on time.

Solutions that Proofhub provides:

  1. Workflows and boards – Simplify the way you manage your tasks by defining their flow, and assigning basic or kanban workflow to them as per your requirement.
  2. Proofing – Speed up the files and documents review process by clearing what changes to be made along with feedback sharing.
  3. Custom Roles –  Can create different access for different users according to the responsibilities.
  4. Multilingual –  Available in more than half a dozen languages.
  5. Reports and Charts – Create the report and get it presented on the chart to get the review of the project.

So, proofhub is also one of the best tools for entrepreneurs, but customization is fixed and limited when we compare it with trello.


Calendly is another type of platform under best tools for entrepreneurs as it helps the entrepreneur to schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails.

It eliminates the old way of conducting meetings, appointments, calls, and demos. It provides you the single platform to schedule everything there and fix the date on the calendar so no double booking takes place.

So, it works in a very simple way and you need to follow these 3 simple steps to make the best use of it.

  1. Create simple rules – Let calendy know about your availability
  2. Share your link – Share your calendly like via any source or embed code on the website
  3. Schedule – People will book the appointment for available schedule and save the date to the calendar

It can be integrated with Google, Office 365 and Outlook, and checks all calendars for conflicts to avoid double-booking


inFolow, as the name suggests is an inventory management system designed to manage inflow and outflow of stock for item-based startups.

It is available in 3 editions:

  1. Free version – Recommended for startups and small business
  2. Regular edition – Unlimited numbers of products, separate user logins, and more built-in reports
  3. Premium edition – Prepared for manufacturers with vast numbers of features including barcode tracking, invoicing, supports functionality for work orders and bills of materials.

So, if you have or planning to start a startup where inventory inflow and outflow is considered than this software is for you. You can also measure work-in-progress, finished products, and accessories.

Convert Plus

This tools for entrepreneurs is for those who want to create their presence online. This is a tool that helps in generating more subscribers & sales conversions using popups, header & footer bars, slide-in forms, sidebar widgets, in-line forms, social buttons that to all in one plugin.

Placement of call-to-action is also great. You can place popup or widget anywhere from 15 locations that mean all the locations are covered.

How convert plus works?

Step 1: Create Campaign – Decide what type of conversion you want and start doing

Step 2:  Select Position – Choose best display position from the available option

Step 3: Select Template – From the wide range of layout and template choose the best suit

Step 4: Customize Templates – Design highly effective popup and widget

Step 5: Set Trigger & Filter – Decide when the popup is to be shown once a new visitor came

Loaded with so many must-have conversion features that can encourage and enhance the engagement with your visitors, boosting conversion rates and bringing more subscribers into the fold, ConvertPlus is a lead generation powerhouse for sure! So, start using it today if you aren’t already doing so.


LeadCrunch is the Artificial Intelligence based outreach programme that identifies patterns and reveals the companies and individuals most likely to buy your products and/or services.

Steps in which LeadCrunch performs:

  1. Surface Match – matches your existing customers with ‘lookalike’ businesses
  2. Deep Match – prioritizing them based on the similarity with your existing accounts

So, as a result, you can build the list of highly targeted prospects for your sales team to call out on.


I tried to cover most of the possibilities that a startup and you as an entrepreneur need to grow in different sectors. Every tool is best in their own segment. So, the startup is online or offline,  product or service all these tools for entrepreneurs will help you out.

Hope you like this post. Comment below for any query, help, and suggestion.

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